If you want to learn how  to make more money investing in real estate, whether you’re just getting started or are already experienced, then this message is for you.

Discover The Simple Twist That Got Me
3X More Motivated Seller Leads And Bigger Profits
Without Spending Even A Single Dime More On Postcards, Letters Or "New Lists"...

Anyone can get better leads and a lot more of them...

Simply read on and you’ll learn how ANYONE can get better leads and a lot more of them by doing something so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of doing this much, much sooner.

I’ll admit this up-front.

I didn't “invent” the new motivated seller lead getting technique you’ll learn on this page.  I copied it from Rick, a good friend of mine (who also happens to be an extremely successful real estate investor) that gave me permission to share everything with you here today.

He told me I could share his secret weapon with a few folks today but he left it open ended as to when he want’s me to take this page down.

My promise to him was when he says “pull-it” -- the page comes down -- no questions asked.

This means you need to read this entire page now and take notes.

In real estate, you control your own future when you know how to get leads. The problem is that you know it and so does Your Competition!

That’s why anyone that’s even half serious about getting DOZENS more seller leadsfrom the exact list you and your competition are already using” needs to pay close attention.

Now, this probably sounds a little corny, and honestly I hesitate to say it, but the truth is that the technique and information on this page is a little like cheating.

What you’re about to learn is TOTALLY NEW! Everything you're about to see on this page is 100% real.

The reason I’m so excited Rick allowed me to share this with you is because my 15+ years as a real estate investor, I’ve never seen anyone teach this publicly before.

Look at these results. These deals all happened directly after using the EXACT technique that Rick uses.



That’s $80,000 In NET Profit

(NOTE: That's the money that goes into YOUR Hip Pocket National Bank)


These are Rick’s actual results using the simple technique you’ll learn today. The technique Rick used to get these leads, deals and profits are being used by only a very small group of real estate investors because of recent increases in competition.

If there’s one thing I want you to take a way from this training today it’s this:


You have to “be different” from your competition so YOU stand out in the crowd and get leads that other (even successful) real estate investors will never get.


Here's an example of the piles of mail one seller received – Dozens of postcards & letters from local investors…


Take This Away Today:

YOU have to do “little things” to get leads that your competition is either “unwilling or unaware” to even do. That is exactly what Rick does and that’s why he’s so successful when others fail and struggle to get leads.

Just take a look at two of his recent campaigns.



Now, if you follow any of the so-called “gurus” out there, here’s what you’re probably thinking HOLY COW! Rick must spend a fortune to get leads.

But You’re Wrong!

In fact, Rick spends such a small amount of money to get better leads than his competition, that you almost won’t believe it when I show you. So first let me show you what most “successful” investors do & what most gurus are teaching you. (and then I’ll show you EXACTLY how Rick does it).


Not Bad Right? $20,627.81 PROFIT

The problem is, to do it like most investors, you need to have $8K just to get started.  And that's a lot of money.

So listen, if you don’t have (or don’t want to spend) $8,000+ to get highly motivated, highly targeted leads you need to read the rest of this letter. Because think with 734 responses and 399 voicemails to listen to and follow-up.

Who’s making the calls?

The truth is most of those calls are unmotivated, “no-deal” calls that just waste your time and prevent you from actually getting a deal. That’s the big problem with all the MASS SCALE lead getting systems that everybody is teaching you. You need to spend a fortune up front & hire a really good team of people you pay just to follow-up & make the calls.


There is a better way


So now let’s look at Rick’s approach

So let me ask you a question?

Who would you rather copy?  Those “Successful Investors and Gurus” that teach you to spend $8K to make $20,000 or Rick, who spends between $500 and $700 and flips houses that make him over $120,000+ in pure profit.

You know the answer is obvious. You need to copy exactly what Rick is doing. You’ll get “fewer,” better quality leads with a lot more profit.

That’s What The Rest Of This Letter Is All About…


But let me say upfront, the government is very clear that I can’t make income claims. It's important to know the system you’re about to learn is too new to have typical or average results.

I can only share with you the results Rick has been getting in his business & show you exactly how he’s been doing it. Since I don’t know you, how hard you'll work or if you'll even follow the system, I can’t honestly say whether you’ll make money or not.

What I can say is this…what you’ll learn here today has created some of the most profitable lead getting campaigns I’ve ever seen.

So if you’d like to know the secret formula that is helping a small group of real estate investors get more seller leads and make more money than most investors at just a mere fraction of the cost and doing up to 3X less work…then what you’re about to see could be the most important 2 minutes you spend all year.

You’re about to discover Rick’s technique that is PROVEN to bring in up to 311% more leads from the exact same list YOU and your competition are using.

IMAGINE: Instead of getting just 20 leads from your next motivated seller marketing campaign…you get over 62 leads from the exact same list.


AND Reduce Your Cost Per Lead By Up To 68%!

Just think about this. When you follow this system and reduce your up-front costs by 68%, do you think you can easily afford to do more marketing?

Or how about this…when you follow this system and TRIPLE the number of leads you get with every campaign, do you think you can close more deals for more regular profits?

Again, the OBVIOUS answer is: YES.

OK…so as I dive into exactly what Rick is doing, I want to make sure you learn why his system is working so well. So, to set this up, I want to show you four of the “most common” ways investors get leads first and then I’ll show you the“hybrid lead getting method” that Rick has perfected.

#1 Internet Leads. Internet leads are good (some are even GREAT). The problem is, unless your pretty techy, have months to wait or a big budget to pay someone to do the online stuff for you, internet leads are too expensive or too slow.

#2 Bandit Sign Leads. Bandit sign leads are also GREAT (in fact I remember one deal where I made over $29,263 on Tonopah Avenue right from a bandit sign). The problem is, when you want to make the serious kind of money like Rick, bandit signs are just not targeted enough. #3

Realtor Leads I love getting leads from Realtors. They can be great.  But referrals is a really hard way to make a profit.

#4 Direct Mail Leads The single lead getting method that has make me the more money than anything else I’ve ever done is Direct Mail. It’s fast, it’s targeted and it can generate a high volume of leads.

And…Here’s The Problem


The problem with most direct mail is that it ALL LOOKS THE SAME

Remember This Pic From Earlier



Overwhelm! They all look the same.



EVERYONE is doing the exact same thing sending nearly the same “Yellow Letters” and using easy, low cost “Postcards” hoping that they cut through the clutter and get deals.

There’s a reason you don’t have the leads you need to succeed. All the very best ”lead getting” strategies…the stuff the richest real estate investors are doing (that you should be using) are just flat not being shared with you.

Listen, getting leads is normally pretty expensive and exhausting. The few real estate investors that already have money, are the same few that get all the deals. And until now, if you didn't have a serious bankroll you simply couldn’t compete against these “Local Barons” getting the best deals. Take a look at this and ask yourself if you think you’d stand a chance competing against this guy using  letters and postcard campaigns…


He's spending $5,000 a month on direct mail alone…


It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or are already closing 2 to 3 deals or more a month.

The system you’re learning on this page will help you steal deals from under the noses of these local barons that are making all the cash.

These guys are spending $60,000+ a year on direct mail. That’s really tough to compete with if you’re trying to compete head-to-head. And remember the ”other guys” campaign I showed you earlier. Well, the ”guru” way costs you $8k up-front.

Here’s what’s awesome (and what you need to know). When I talk to Rick about this he told me, ”Rob, I barely spend that in a year…and look at the profits I get.”

Picture yourself bringing in dozens of highly targeted highly motivated seller leads that your competition is missing.

That Is This System


You’ll turn some into deals. And closed deals are what drop loads of cash into your bank account.

Rick’s system combines the BEST of  the ”highest converting” Yellow Letters with the inexpensive investment and total control you get using postcards.


You’ll love this and need to start using it. Rick has tested and absolutely perfected a secret postcard script that sucks in more highly targeted leads than probably anything you’ve ever seen before.

You will LOVE his postcard message. Imagine life lived on your terms, cash that goes into your pocket instead of into another expensive marketing campaign…a life where you’ve got more money & more time to do what you want, when you want. The reason you don't have everything you want already is not your fault.

Truth is, the difference between me and you is really small.


I just know how to get leads that you don't know. I know how to cut through the clutter and get sellers calling ME instead of my competition. And, when you get the information

I’m sharing on this page, you'll have the exact same advantages as me to beat these "Big Boys” and get the best leads that everyone else is missing. With this information, you won’t have to worry about where you’re next deal is coming from. And, you can get started today even if your marketing budget is nearly ZERO.

Let me explain how it all works. There are plenty of people, techniques and promises that claim to help you bring in more seller leads.  The majority of them fail you because of high costs, too much time or just plain poor results.

Now back to Rick


When the competition for deals in Rick’s local market skyrocketed, he knew he needed to do something BIG to set himself apart to get leads every day. He’s one of only a small number of real estate investors that even know his method to get leads.

He’s barely shared it with anyone. But I’m thankful he shared his secret with me because as you’ll find out Rick and I have a pretty darn good reason to be sharing this with you today.

I realize that right now you're probably wondering if Rick really cracked the code on direct mail, if his system is so good, and we can make so much money by simply hoarding this for ourselves. Why would we share this with you?

I'm right, right?

Well, that could be one of the big differences between you and me. See, I’m not thinking about trying to hoard this information. What I’m thinking about is how I can share it with a small handful of people and maybe even get in on more profits. I want to show you exactly why it's in my best interest to let you and a few others in on what we've learned. So stick with me.

Hi, my name is Rob Swanson.


I’ve been a full-time real estate investor flipping houses for over 15+ years. I've gotten leads, done deals and made money in about 20 states and over 31+ different cities all across the country.

Let's just say, when it comes to getting motivated seller leads, I know what I’m doing. And, I learned one very important lesson early in my real estate investing career that continues to prove true to this day.


If you don't have leads you won't make money


It’s as simple as that. Right now with the increase in competition…if you’re stuck doing the same thing as everyone else your sabotaging your success. This thing is, the gurus don’t tell you that…do they? Of course they don’t. If you know you’re business isn’t where you want it to be...


Getting more leads, fixes everything.


Look, over 15 years ago I learned that it was on me to learn every advantage I could when it came to getting leads. Fact is, it's on you too.

That’s because there’s only one thing that separates you and your business from failure. And that's your knowledge and ability to bring in new motivated seller leads every day.  Period.

YOU need to do everything you can to learn how to get as many leads as possible too. And, in today’s real estate market that means you need to do everything you can to ”be unique and different” from everyone else.

You need to stand out from the crowd. And that’s what I promise Rick’s system will teach you.

Here’s a story I’ve told before, but it’s important for anyone that’s truly serious about making money in real estate this year.

When I put my first $10 million dollar real estate fund together, I needed leads, deals and profits. I was personally responsible to get enough leads so the fund had deals to close every single day.

While most real estate investors struggle to find their next deal, I was suddenly forced to find and close 10, 15, 20 (NOT LEADS) but “deals” every single month.

Bottom Line: I needed a lot of good quality leads that I could turn into deals. Fortunately, years earlier I had made it my #1 priority to learn everything I could and study every advantage I could about getting motivated sellers to call. I’m glad I did too because when MY BIG OPPORTUNITY came...I WAS READY.

Don't you want to be ready when YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY comes?


I knew exactly what to do and how to get as many leads as I needed I HAD TRICKS UP MY SLEEVE.

Thousands of my students have made me one of the most trusted voices for real estate investors. It's because I’m committed to myself, constantly improving & learning new things that I’ve become successful.

That dedication (if you have it) can make you successful too. Truth is, if you're watching this video, then we're a lot alike.

I won’t settle for a mediocre life and that's why I zig when everyone else zags.

When everyone else follows the same set of rules, I profit by looking for simple techniques that are proven to work EVERY TIME.

A few years ago I decided to scour the country looking for the smartest real estate investors. I wanted the ”best of the best.” I realized there were guys and gals getting leads in ways that I hadn’t yet considered and I didn’t want pride to stand in my way of big profits.

That’s the reason I connected with Rick. His incredibly simple lead getting system is easy for anyone to follow. He invests so little on his marketing (because it’s so targeted) that just the few deals I shared early put over $185,500+CASH in his pocket. And that’s just a fraction of what he makes using this system.

Admit it:  That’s not a bad way to make a living.


Every single deal came using the ”hybrid” lead getting system I’m sharing with you right now. I’ll be honest…I’m glad I was willing to learn every step in his system. And, you’ll be glad too.

The hybrid system Rick taught me isn’t for everyone.

If you can’t spare an hour or two to learn what Rick taught me, if you're convinced you already know everything & are unwilling to learn anything new or if you think that what you're doing today is always going to work then,you can just close this page and pretend you've got everything you'll ever need.

But I have to warn you, real estate markets change. When you come back to this page and find it's been pulled down, you're on you're own. If you're like Rick and me, you won't make that mistake.

Rick’s system can bring in more seller leads from just one single campaign than your competition knows how to get by spending three times more money.


Once dependable MLS listings are creating smaller and smaller profit margins every day. Real estate investors that just keep blindly doing the same things, are scratching their heads wondering what’s happened.

Don’t you want to know the information these ”stuck-in-their-way” investors will never know?

Consider yourself lucky because THIS IS YOUR SHOT.


Rick’s system is so simple that you can use it to get motivated seller leads in ANY city. It would feel pretty good to pull in dozens of highly motivated seller leads right out from under the nose of your competition wouldn’t it?

The secret is slicing through the clutter and making yourself seen when everyone else is just blindly following the pack. It's time you level the playing field and show these ”local baron investors” that they can’t shut you out any longer.

It’s time you work smarter and start getting the results you know are possible. It’s time for you to get More Seller Leads.

Introducing: More Seller Leads with… The Handwritten Postcard System



The Handwritten Postcard System ”combines the best” direct mail lead getting techniques into one, inexpensive, hyper responsive method.

This system works whether you need leads from a ”large” general list like I showed earlier…or even if you just want to send a small batch of around 100 targeted pieces. The Handwritten Postcard System sucks in motivated seller leads better than anything I’ve ever seen (no joke).

Imagine Setting Yourself Apart



And here’s a sneak peak



Forget spending hundreds of hours learning this system.

We've made everything so simple you'll be able to get through all the short tutorials quickly and easily.

Every step is broken down into short, easy to follow video modules so you'll be able to pick a strategy and use it right away.

Just watch each video as your time allows, follow the step-by-step instruction and you’ll have your first Handwritten Postcard campaign in the mail in hours.

Imagine your business 30 short days from right now when you finally have GOOD LEADS plus the real world instruction and everything you need to bring in more motivated seller leads.

Rick personally walks you through every single step in the process & let’s you peak right onto his computer and watch him do everything.

Pay Attention: Before I go any further I need to tell you this:

The Handwritten Postcard System is only being released on a limited basis and only to a small group.

Rick and I have watched this system workAgain and again.

That's why we decided to join forces & expand our team using the Handwritten Postcard System.

This is extremely limited.

We've broken the country down into Regions and Territories. And, when you invest in the Handwritten Postcard System today, you’ll be locking in your license to use the entire system in your area, BUT, you’ll also be free to use your license and the entire system anywhere so you can dominate nationwide.

If you already know this is for you and you know you want your license before they’re all gone...


...click the Big Orange button below and claim your copy RIGHT NOW!



You’re probably wondering what your investment in the Handwritten Postcard System is going to be.

Rick and I considered releasing this as a high end, exclusive coaching system & charging $997+.

We also talked about normal ”guru” prices ranging from $297 to $697.

But, in the end, we both agreed that our goal isn't to charge top dollar. And, we both know the money is in the deals in each territory.

So, we decided to give everyone an equal shot & we chose to release the Handwritten Postcard System.

Just $97


That’s right.  You get the entire Handwritten Postcard System TODAY for just $97




But, you have to act fast because when all the spots in each territory are gone; they're gone.


This is truly first come, first served.

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Ok, are you ready to find out everything we've packed inside the Handwritten Postcard System?

The Handwritten Postcard System is separated into 4 easy modules and each module is 1 or 2 short tutorials.




Value: $197

Module 1 is:
The Overview

The overview is designed to get you up and running fast so you know exactly what to do next.

Inside Module 1 of the Handwritten Postcard System, you’ll learn three of the common direct mail options. And, you’ll watch as Rick shows you the pros and cons of each approach. He'll show you how he builds a hybrid marketing campaign that no one else is using.

You’ll love it!



We’ve made the entire system DIY (do it yourself) and so simple even a ”non-techy” can create highly responsive direct mail campaigns (for dirt cheap)


With the Handwritten Postcard System, we give you 100% control over everything including your delivery dates, the postcard message & even your paper choice.

You learn how Rick does all of his direct mail right from his home office on a $39 ink-jet printer…

If you’re thinking you need to spend a lot of money outsourcing your direct mail in order to use the Handwritten Postcard System.

You’re wrong.

In fact, in the Handwritten Postcard System, you’ll learn what color cards get a significantly higher response than anything else…

…and I can virtually guarantee you that it’s not what you’re thinking because it goes against the grain of just about everything you know

The bottom line is: The HWP System is easy to copy, includes our highly tested card designs, is extremely low cost, 100% customizable and requires NO max or min quantities -- EVER!

It’s unique, memorable and you’ll get probably the highest response rate to any direct mail you’ve ever done (for far less money).

And, if you’ve never tried direct mail before you're in for a real treat, because this is a 100% complete A to Z system & the best method you could ever copy to get started.

Value: $197

Module 2 is:
Getting Your List

Module 2 let’s you peak right over Rick’s shoulder & inside his computer to watch him go step by step getting his list to mail.

Module 2 starts right off with one of Rick’s ”secret sauce” techniques…Getting Your Mailing List :)

I can’t begin to tell you how important getting the right list is…

Rick and I were actually talking about this when he agreed to let me share this and we ”both agree” that there are 3 things make all thedifference in getting the best leads

First it’s your media and specifically using a Handwritten Postcard…Second…it’s the list you send to and Third…it’s the message you write on the handwritten postcard itself…

In Module 2 of the Handwritten Postcard System, you’ll watch Rick pull one of his favorite deal getting lists & you’ll learn how to get the list at the very lowest possible price

It’s amazing to Rick and I how many investors just ”outsource everything” to a mailing service…(including getting the list)…& then wonder why their direct mail isn’t making money

Don’t leave your list to chance…
Copy Rick

Value: $197

Module 3 is:
Preparing Your Cards

Module 3 helps you navigate the secret sauce of the Handwritten Postcard System…once again peaking right over Rick’s should and watching step by step

In Module 3 you’ll watch as Rick easily prepares his handwritten postcard using the custom Seller Getting Fonts he designed specifically for this system

You watch as he adds simple custom messages on each postcard ”specific” to each individual sellers situation

Every Card Is A Custom Message

…and, using the handwritten postcard set-up Rick perfected, getting the custom message on each card is extremely simple & 100% automated…

You’ll LOVE It.

There’s a reason the Handwritten Postcard System get’s so many leads & I think you’re starting to get the picture

Value: $197

Module 4 is:
Printing, Mailing & Tracking

In Module 4, you’ll learn the secret tricks Rick has perfected to increase his response rate, get more quality leads & track everything so he knows exactly what’s working…

Module 4 is the beginning of the end 🙂

Honestly, we've kept this system short and easy to follow so you can get what you need quickly without all thefluff


We just tell you what to do…show you how to do it and you can watch, pause, rewind or fast-forward as much or as little as you need…we want you to have what you need and we did our part to help

And…in Module 4 Rick shows you how he handles his leads as a 1-man operation…

That’s something that I think is pretty important…the Handwritten Postcard System is PERFECT for every 1-man (or 1-woman) real estate operation…

If you don’t have a team, this system is perfect for you

…and, if you do have a team…they’ll love the quality of leads you get without the headache of having to filter through all the junk that most direct mail systems create.

As you can see the Handwritten Postcard System is full of cutting-edge, secret information you can use to get more motivated seller leads starting today…

This is information & an underground lead getting strategy developed ”not by a guru” but by a very successful investor that most people will never know…

Just being on this page right now…and having access to this system is a HUGE advantage for you…

Don’t pass up this opportunity

And…don't expect to spend 100's of hours going through training…

We've kept everything simple, short and we show you our best of class tip and tricks – just copy.

If you’ve ever struggled to bring in enough leads

If you want an edge that can help you quit your job...

If you want more leads that can help you make extra money...

Or, if you just want more of the same advantages Rick & I have to get leads & beat the ”big boys”...

Click the big orange button below and claim your copy of the Handwritten Postcard System RIGHT NOW.


OK Wait.  You Want More?


When You Claim Your Copy Of The Handwritten Postcard System TODAY, You’ll Get 4 Exclusive BONUSES Worth Over $591+

2 Custom, Tested & Proven Handwritten Fonts

The custom font pack includes 1 male and 1 female font we designed & custom created specifically to increase the response from every campaign


We knew going into this that we just had to give away our custom fonts…(they’re key to the success)

You’ve probably seen ”standard handwritten fonts” before right?…and what do you think…They never look very real do they?

Rick saw the exact same thing…which is why he started developing, perfecting, testing & using his own 100% custom designed fonts

The secret (don’t tell your competition) is to use custom fonts that look and feel as close to real handwriting as possible…

Sure, there will be some folks that try to ”rip off” Rick’s system but then they’ll wonder why they’re not getting the same results

When you claim the Handwritten Postcard System today we’re giving you (for FREE) two of our best lead getting fonts…

You get 1 of our top male fonts and 1 of our top pulling female fonts…

No one else will have this…and I guarantee these fonts have been tested and are proven to work

Unlimited International & Commercial Use License

Your investment in the HWP System today includes an exclusive “all rights” use license to each proven custom font.


Bonus #2 is simple.  We’re giving you the ability to use these fonts for commercial purposes following the Handwritten Postcard System and in any other way you see fit…

Don’t miss out on this Unlimited International & Commercial Use license today…we’re planning to control the use of this system and we may be forced to restrict this license

If you leave and come back…
you may miss it

Today you get unlimited use, we can’t guarantee that in the future…

Talking With Sellers

How To Handle Seller Calls & A Proven Script You Can Copy 

Look, we know that when you start getting high quality, targeted leads

You’ll want a proven script to follow to convert those leads into deals and deals into profits…


Talking To Sellers is a word for word script to copy & a clean audio you can listen to so you can learn exactly how to speak ever word

We haven’t left anything to chance for you in this system…we want your success story and we know that when you learn how to talk to sellers…you’ll have a huge leg up

Cheap Printing Secrets

In Cheap Printing Secrets you’ll learn the insider tips to slash your printing, paper and postage costs to rock bottom levels… 

Cheap Printing Secrets is the little ”insider” information you can only get by mailing 100’s of thousands of postcards over the years…


If you’re on a budget…these tips will save you money

And…if you’re not worried about spending too much…you’ll love the simple things you can do (without jumping through hoops at the postoffice) to slash your direct mail costs by huge margins…

You’ve probably never sent mail as cheap as you will after you copy even just a few of these tricks

So remember…

For just $97 you get EVERYTHING


If you want the opportunity to peak over Rick’s shoulder & use all of his best lead getting tactics…

If you’re committed to being ready when your BIG OPPORTUNITY comes and learning everything you can about getting more leads

Then, there’s ABSOLUTELY no good reason why you shouldn’t claim your copy of the Handwritten Postcard System right now.

You get instant online access to everything and you’ll join a very small, elite handful of investors that even know about or have access to this system

You get $591+ in Bonus Training

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I’m giving you my 100% NO Hassle, 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee.

If, in the unlikely event you’re not 100% satisfied with the Handwritten Postcard System simply let us know and we’ll give you every penny back.

Best of all, you’ll lock in your territory and give yourself an immediate unfair advantage…

Claim your copy before leaving this page.